Seamanship Contingents

NBS-New London (Groton, CT)

Early July - Dates TBD


Training Site specific information:

Application Procedure:

  1. Request training through local unit CoC.  Once billet is confirmed download, print, complete and mail THIS FORM, invoice and training deposit to LCDR Robert Smith, (address to be supplied)

Travel Procedures:

  1. If traveling by automobile report in civilian attire at the Submarine Force Library & Museum, One Crystal Lake Road Groton, Connecticut 06340, NLT 1400 on 08 JUL 2018. We will have a SDW inspection after you stow your gear at the berthing facility.
  2. If traveling by air, fly into Providence, RI (PVD) on 08 JUL before 1400 unless granted specific permission to do otherwise. Transportation will be provided from airport to base. Upon arrival, contact COTC @ 850-326-2505, to give notice of arrival, collect baggage and proceed to USO to await transportation to base.
  3. Schedule your return flight after 1400 on 18 JUL. The graduation ceremony will be at 0900. You will miss graduation and must supply your own transportation at your expense if you must fly out Tuesday morning.

Security Procedures (Background  Investigation Required):

  1. Have a state issued copy  of your birth certificate (or Passport) ready to bring if security procedures are strengthened. If necessary it will be returned to you to bring back home.
  2. Make sure your Sea Cadet ID is in good shape with a recent photo. An old  ID that has been through the wash with a photo when you were a League Cadet is unacceptable. All attendee's photos will be reviewed in Magellan. 
  3. You will be issued a lanyard and ID pouch.  You must have your ID on you at all times except during swim quals/training, hygiene or in the rack.
  4. Download, print, complete the following form:
         a. SECNAV 5512 
    (fillable form) or  SECNAV 5512                  (printed)
    Have these documents ready to mail between 8 and 27 May.  You will be emailed the postal address.

Berthing  and Sea Bag Procedures:

  1. Bring a light weight sleep bag. A pillow, pillow case and towels will be provided.
  2. Having already been to boot camp, you should know what to put in your sea bag.  
  3. Your swim gear should be in good shape.  You will be at the pool at least five times. Swim quals will be recorded and sent back to your unit.